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Lonely Chandler looking for fun


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They decide to have professional pictures taken when they are unable to find a picture that Chandler doesn't look weird in.

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We won! Most guys don't even have a clue. Chandler: Okay, Janice.

Evolution is not for you to buy, Phoebe. End The information and content here is provided as-is for educational purposes. That was looiing. You called Janice? All right, don't get hung up on it, quick, quick, list five things you like about her: Nice smile, good dresser Janice: Hey, it's everybody. Yes he is.

You're not gonna end up alone. Monica: You have got to get over this. Treeger: There she is.

Lonely (feat. chandler leighton)

Phoebe: I can't believe you caved. Monica: Chandler, you're not gonna die alone. Treeger: You never know. Monica: You are not a freak. You wish, Chandler Bing. Phoebe: Like crop circles, or the Bermuda triangle, or evolution? See how I'm making these little toys move? You know what you want now. Everyone stares Realizes Bah!

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Rachel: Yeah. And uh, I've been holding off on asking her out in the past, because she has an unusually large head. Joey: You can come over and watch the Super Bowl. Chandler: Of course I am.

Lonely Chandler looking for fun

Come on, it's not like I'm asking for this girlie clock or anything, which, by the way, I also think is very cool. I mean, what if we're at her folks' place?

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Chandler: holding a book Hey, look at this. Monica: What can we do for you?

Lonely Chandler looking for fun

Monica: Ok, all right. Heckles, we'll try to keep it down.

Bored and seeking a new friend.

Ross: You bet. Chandler: Wow, Heckles was voted lookng clown, and so was I. Phoebe wins the role, but in the end she realizes that Rachel wants it more, so she lets her do it. Ross: Don't tell me, because of the big nostril thing? It's Scary Scientist Man. Why is that? Rachel: Hey Chandler.

You know what we haven't played in a while? Joey: Such as?

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Heckles' high school yearbook. It's Isaac Newton, and he's pissed. When I first lookkng to the city, I went out a couple of times with this girl, really hot, great kisser, but she had the biggest Adam's apple. I was sweeping yesterday. In this briefcase I carry actual scientific facts. There, faster! Chandler: Actually, I think this apartment sullies the good name of crap Joey: Check this out.

Phoebe: Uh-oh. It's a girl in a bikini and pasties standing behind an alarm clock. Something else that's not yours that you can break?

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Monica opens the door. Chandler: If I'm gonna be an old, lonely man, I'm gonna need a thing, you know, a hook, like that guy on the subway who eats his own face.

Lonely Chandler looking for fun

They decide to have professional pictures taken when they are unable to find a picture that Chandler doesn't look weird in. Treeger: I know.