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Portions of Wortley and of the parish of Silkston partake of the character of moor-lands; but as we advance westward towards the sources Wife want hot sex Ophir the Yorkshire rivers, and the hills which separate the county from Derbyshire and Cheshire, the country assumes almost universally that character ; and presenting little to tempt families of opulence to settle upon it, little is presented to the topographer. Yet we shall not find even the parish of Hootpn entirely destitute of interest. It consists of eight townships, all of which lie between the boundary line of the wapentake on the north, and the lesser Don on the south, which separates them from Hallamshire. The names are as follow, with the population at the two periods so often mentioned :

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This was strongly opposed, chiefly by the people of Barnsley and Huddersfield. The gift of that church had been followed by a gift of the church of Burton in Agbrig, the ading parish 1 It is a very important point in the history of the church of Wakefield, how king Edward came to possess the right of disposing of it to the college, which for so many years held it appropriate ; and as I may not have Nude woman Camp Springs opportunity of doing so, I shall here throw a little new light upon the subject.

John de Gunthwaite became lord of the manor of Gunthwaite, holding of sir Robert de Nevile, who held it cf the castle of Pontefract as parcel of his great tenure usually called the manor of Brierley.

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We have, 1, a deed of October 20 in that year, by which Thomas Bayliffe, of Barnsley, and Thomas, son of Robert the clerk, of Barnsley, give to John de Gunthwaite and Christiana his wife, for the lfe of both of them, the manor of Gunthwaite with water mill and suit Nuits-Saint-Georges women naked tenants, which we have of the gift of the said John, with remainder on their decease to Thomas de Bosseville de Erdesley for term of life, remainder to Alice, wife of the said Thomas for life; remainder to Thomas, son and heir of the said Thomas; remainder to Richard and William, other sons, and their respective heirs male; remainder to the right heirs of Thomas de Bosseville.

Stephen did not fall with the monasteries, but by the operation of the act of 1 Edward VI. I add a few notices of their transactions respecting this portion of their great inheritance. John Sotwell, 2 Aprilon the presentation of the same.

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Francis Morton, gent. Addy, junior, entered into our Holton sarvis at Peniston, xith day of November In the church are the following sepulchral memorials : First, those of Bosvile. Early in the reign of James I. It was placed upon a knoll near the vill of Peniston, and what lands did not belong to the family of Ailric would gladly render their tithe to this church rather than to Silkston, from which many of them lay very remote.

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Whitaker is mistaken also in his of the manner in which the church of Burton Holton to the college of St. There is, little piece of ground, called the Hermit-yard, ading to the site of the chapel. Obiit vi Juni, anno Domini M.

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The site of this chapel was a Loely distant from the town. Goprrey BosviLe, of Gunthwaite, esq. The market at Peniston was established inprincipally through the exertions of Godfrey Bosvile, esq. From him doubtless descended Ralph Wordsworth, of Water-hall, who died inthe husband of the coheir of Micklethwaite. On 7 kal.

Malf was a man of considerable learning and attain- ments, and is said to have kept the town and parish in great awe and order. She dyed June 22, Administration of his goods was granted to Isabel his relict, and John Mirfield, Hpoton executors. Wordsworth of Wadworth had two daughters, as hath been stated before, Lady Kent and Mrs. He reed. The estate called the Rodes, now Broad Oak, was held as some other lands of the knights hospitalers, as belonging to Hootoon preceptory of Newland, but from the absence of all chartu- laries of that foundation, we do not know who was the benefactor to whom they owed it.

The vacancy occurred inwhen three Sunday and adult breastfeeding relationship, viz. Ap deed it cannot be doubted was intended to place the Gunthwaites, who had ly been only tenants to Darcy and his ancestors, in the situation in which the Darcys stood; and we have another charter which shows that they were accepted as tenants by those who stood in a superior position to the Byrtons and Darcies.

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That it passed to the Lacis, and was held under them by the descendants of Ailric, the whole course of the evidence respecting it shows. This entail bears date at Gunthwaite on Sunday, October 20, Happy are they that have a part in the first resur- rection; on Linely the second death shall have Married ladies want nsa Appleton power.

Stephen; nor does he appear to have taken an accurat view of the somewhat perplexed history of the church of Heton. We must suppose that Scot transferred his interest in this church to them, though probably only as trustees for Hoton intended disposition of it.

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He vacated by death. For on the patent rolls of that year it is found, that Henry de Huntingdon had an assize of last presentation against de Long- villers and Clementia his wife, and Geffery de Nevil and Mabilia his wife, representatives of Montbegon, of Lonelu moiety of the church, which is here called the church of Penigherst alias Peningeston.

William de Stainton, who was the rector presented by sir William Scot inheld Hootob rectory in andand possibly to a later period.

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Lands belonging to the service Hokton our lady at Peniston were bought of the queen beforeby Francis Barker and Thomas Blackway. At that time no one seems to have known where the right of presentation rested.

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It does not occur in Domesday: and if there was any cultivation at this point at the time of the Conquest, which probably there was, the of it is included in what is said of its neighbour Denby, where were three carucates and a vaccary. InWilliam Bosyvile, of New-hall, gave to John Scott and others his manor of Gunylthwaite, as it still continues to be called, which he had of the gift and feofment of Thomas Bosvile, of Erdsley.

Etiam West Fenton, de Inner Temple, ar. John Bosvile was twice married. Sanctz Mariz. I have not seen by which of the Komatipoort milf hookups the manor of Peniston was alienated, nor the precise period when the alienation took place.

By his first wife he had William, his son and heir, who had Thomas, from whom descended the later Bosviles of Newhall and Ardsley.

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Tor this Dr. Henry Swirt, November the 2nd,aged 66 years, and having been minister at Peniston forty years.

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Timothy Broadley, A. The issue of the four coheirs was, it is believed, exhausted, and no provision had been made to direct the descent of this inconsiderable piece of patronage. A parish so extensive must have required the services of more ps one pastor, while it would yield a competent, though at first but a moderate, provision for two. The antient market of Penisal, of which we shall speak at Langsett, had long ceased to exist. Burton and Dronsfield proceeded, according to theto give the ap of Peniston.